My Face may be different, but my feelings the same
I laugh and I cry, and I take pride in my gains
I was sent here among you, to teach you to love
As God in the heavens, looks down from above
To Him I am no different, His love know no bounds
Its those here among you, in cities and towns
That judge me by standards that man has imparted
But this family I have chosen will help me get started
For I'm one of the children, so special and few
That came here to learn the same lessons as you
That love is acceptance it must come from the heart
We all have the same purpose, though not the same start
The Lord gave me life, to live and embrace
And I'll do it as you do but at my own pace

Jodie's Journey by Granny Engela!

Hello World - I am 20 months old!

Hello World - I am 20 months old!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 36 and 37 The big barium swallow

I arrived early at NICU to meet the new paed. I suggested a barium swallow because I was sure there must be something wrong in her throat. An hour later Jodie drank 60mls of the barium liquid, is that a sign? Is she ready to drink now? The barium swallow revealed she had severe reflux, so the new paed ordered us to thicken the milk. She drank 10mls with every least that's a start. Jodie was given bottle every three hours, so every three hours my family prayed. My mother woke at night - every three hours - and prayed. I was begging, pleading God, please let her drink. If she drinks we can take her home....but she didn't.

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